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Join our team

Looking to join our team? Looking to make a little side cash? 

Then you came to the right place. We here at Skyrich's Deals have different options that will fit your style. And all are free to join up. But please note that if you have came here with the mindset of getting rich over night, with little to no work being done on your part. This is not for you. You will be expected to do some work. The more you put into it in time, the more you could make But in the end it is up to you how much work you wish to put in. Both our programs have No quotas. So you are free to put in time as you can. With in reason. going months with nothing could get you removed. Each program does have it's own mailing list, used only to let everyone know about changes / updates. And giving you a way to contact us through replying to them. unsubscribing from them will indicate you no long wish to be part of that group. And you will be removed. 

Who are we?

one of the top midwest home decor shops. Bath Decor, Spa & Lotion Sets, Door Stoppers, Figurines & Statues, Indoor / outdoor Fountains, Wall Decor, Furniture, Drinkware, Lawn & Garden, Lighting, Candles, Lamps, Oil Warmers, Solar Lighting, Wall Sconces, Inspiration & Religious, Not to mention our animal collections like....bear, big cat, Cat, Dog, dolphin, DRAGON, Eagle, elephant, Horse, RABBIT, squirrel, and SO SO much more. We are a real US home decor business, with real products. Looking for SERIOUS people, willing to put in a little work. Please note We only ship within the continental United States and Canada (No PO boxs). so please take that into count when desiding to join our team 


1) Our affiliate program.

Make money by just promote our store / items across the internet. This is a single tier program, There is no up or down lines. You only get paid for the sales you send. We do have an e-mail training system in place that everyone who joins will be put in. And if you are still not sure on things or just want to be put back in the training thing, we would love to hearfrom you. 

Sign up costs / monthly fee / Sales Quota

FREE / None / none

Cost to do:

The only cost to do this plan is if you deside to do things like FB ads, join paid fourms / groups to promote us (Which is not incouraged). Otherwise this plan is totaly free to do.


2) Become our Representative (set up on a basic level, more to come)

Is more of a face to face sales style more your thing? Then become one of our Representatives and sell our products through our catalogs door to door, at home partys or flea markets and the like. Our catalogs are available in either PDF format or book form. 

Sign up costs / monthly fee / Sales Quota

FREE / None /none


Cost to do:

Can be done free of charge if you use our PDF catalogs. 



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