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1. Question:

What forms of payment do you accept?
Skyrich's Deals accepts credit / debit cards (in person / online, Checks and money orders (made out to mike jones) in person and through the mail.  We also accept cash in person  
2. Question:
How long before I receive my order?
Estimated Delivery Times depend on where the order is being sent. times are listed in checkout when you pick your delivery type. 
All import items have a Estimated Delivery Time of 12-20 days. Canada 15-30days
Note that Estimated Delivery Time is based on when the order is shipped out. This does not take into count time to process the order. process of the order starts as soon as your payment clears. Normally it's within 48 hours. But have seen paypal hold a payment to 5 days. And in rare cases 28 days. 
But not to worry, if paypal is still holding the payment after 7 days, we contact you and let you know. 
Please note if youare in Canada, the shipping times will be longer for all items shipped 
3. Question:
Can I track my order?
  1. when the order is shipped you will get an email letting you know. this will also have all tracking numbers listed.
  2. Also you can come back here. log in and hit account / orders (default view) / the order you are wanting to check on. scroll down and on the right there will be "hipping details" there is a button there to see the tracking info on each tracking number for that order. This opens in a new window. IF the page does not translate right, change language to something else then back. Should fix the bug 
4. Question:
If I sign up for the news letter, what all should I expect to be getting in to?
First off we will not be spamming you every day with letters. We only send out new letters on, or around, the 1st and 15th. Normally they are just what promo's we are running, And an item we are discounting untill the next new letter. And any discount codes we might have running. 
4. Question:
The banners I see on the pages, are they other stuff you are selling?
No. Those are ads that other people, stores, or companys have paid us to run on our pages. We make nothing off them other then the fee they pay us for them to be shown to you. We do not sponsor or give our endorsement on any of the items / services offered by them. 



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