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Become our affiliate

Who are we?

become one of our affiliates to promote our store / items. No investment, heck if all you do is social media marketing you can do it totally for nothing. Only cost is if you go and do FB ads or the like. Which you do not have to do. No sales quotas, Work when YOU want. Earn 25% of all sales you sent to us. We payout once a week, with min payout at $1

We only sell / ship within the US and Canada, BUT If you have a paypal account, you can be one of our affiliates, no matter where you live. we have almot 900 items on our store that can be promoted. And adding more every day



We pay every Monday to your PayPal account. as long as you have reached the min payout amount. Which is only $1. Actual time of day may vary. But it will be done that day. If you want the payout set higher then $1, you can edit that in your settings

Basic run down on our program. 

We are only taking in a limited amount of affiliates at this time. (total amount of 50 aff's). If we have reached that limit, sorry you will not be aproved. But we will hold your info for 30 days in case someone drops out or gets removed for being inactive. To keep from getting taged as inactive, you do needd to have at least 1 vistor in the last 4 months. 

When you join, you get your own affiliate link, QR code, and coupon code to use to promote our store and items. You get paid for EVERY sale that came to us fro one of your links / codes. Even if they bought someone other then the item(s) you promoted. You get 25% of all sales through your link / QR code. And with the coupon  you get 15% of the sale and the buyer gets 10% off their order. 

our products range from $6 upto $250+ so the opportunity to make yourself some nice cash is there. It all depends on how much time you put into it. 

We do run a Top Aff contest. Based on every 10 people registered. So 1-10 aff's gets 1 Top Aff, 11-20 gets 2, and so on. Which is awareded to to aff's that are on top of the leader board the month before. As Top Aff, your comm's go up from 25% to 30% for the month you are Top Aff. If at the end of the month, you are still in the right spots on the leader board you keep the title and %'s. But if you are beat out that month you go back to 25%. And the new person(s) gets the title and extra %. 

Only info that is really needed is name, e-mail addy, what country you live in and phone number (in case we need to contact you if a problem comes up) 

this is a single teir program. There is no up or down line. If you want to help bring in more members to the team, by all means do so. But remember you do NOT make anything from people you bring in. You ONLY get paid for sells made off of someone coming to the store from your link, code, and so on. 

I have never done this kind of thing before is it hard? How much can I make here?

It's not as hard as it sounds. Click here for a basic run down on how to do it. Once you join you will get free training through e-mails to help you better understand how to work this. 

As to how much you can make with us, If you only make one FB post a month. good chance you will not be making much, if any. But if you make like 2 posts a day. The better chance of getting us sales. So as you see, it depends on you. You get what you put in. 

So hit the box below to sign up or log in. 





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