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Become our affiliate

Who are we?

Our shops affiliate program is No up front investment. heck if all you do is social media marketing you can do it totally free. Only cost is if you go and do FB ads or the like. Which you do not have to do. Only banking info needed is a paypal e-mail addy. so we can transfer your money to your account. We are a real US home decor business, with real products. Looking for SERIOUS people, willing to put in a little work. By becoming one of our affiliates to promote our store / items.. 100% real opportunity. , No quotas, Work when YOU want. 


I check every day to see who has hit the payout mark. Which is only $1. And send their money through paypal to them that day. Actual time of day may vary. But it will be done that day. If you want the payout set higher then $1, you can edit that in your settings

Basic run down on our program. 

We are only taking in a limited amount of affiliates at this time. (total amount of #50). If we have reached that limit, sorry you will not be aproved. But we will hold your info for 30 days in case someone drops out or gets removed for being inactive. 

When you join, you get your own affiliate link, QR code, and coupon code to use to promote our store and items. You get paid for EVERY sale that came to us fro one of your links / codes. Even if they bought someone other then the item(s) you promoted. You get 15% of all sales through your link / QR code. And with the coupon  you get 10% of the sale and the buyer gets 5% off their order. 

our products range from $6 upto $250+ so the opportunity to make yourself some nice cash is there. It all depends on how much time you put into it. 

Only info that is really needed is name, e-mail addy, what country you live in and phone number (in case we need to contact you if a problem comes up) 

So hit the box below to sign up or log in. 



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