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Advertise with us

You an affiliate marketer or a site owner, looking to increase your reach of your offer(s) and are In need of an inexpensive ad campaign? We do offer just what your looking for. We will run your banner ad(s) on our site (limit to availability). We do not charge per click or per view, so you will always know how much you need to pay. No nasty surprises. But in doing so we do not track views / clicks either. We run 20 banner rotatory codes. The rotation occurs each time the page is loaded or refreshed. We offer one 728 x 90 spot on the top of every page.

If interested in buying ad space with us. Please look over our TOS and contact us about it through our contact us page with the site you are promoting 


  1. This service is on a first come base. Once the slots are filled up, You will have to wait for one to re open to get this deal. 
  2. This is a Recurring payment, once set up and accepted. You will not have to remember to get the slot again before someone else takes it from you. Once you have it, it's yours until you cancel
  3. We do not run competing ads. If you are promoting site X and we already have someone promoting the same site. we will have to turn down your offer. Out of respect and fairness for the one that we are already running the space for.
  4. If you get a spot and wish to run multi different banners for the same site you are promoting, that is fine. But you will have to pay for each new spot you get. This is still limited to how many spots I have open. 




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